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hinzugefügt bisher: 2008 bis 2016

Choreograph gelernte Tänze
Adrian Churm

Hearts & Flowers

Imelda's Way

Alan Birchall

The Swing

Wave on Wave

Amy Walker

Wild Ponies

Andrew Palmer

Beg, Steal or Borrow

Super Simple

Anita McNab


Annie Saerens

Sticks & Stones

Astrid Kaeswurm


Herz wia a Bergwerk

Audri R.

London Rhythm Swings

Barbara Hile

Best years of our Lives

Barbara Lowe

Hands up and Party

Naughty but nice

Benny Ray

On My Way

Stick like Glue

Beth Webb

Zatchu (& Peter Blaskowski)

Bill Ray

Beautiful Sunday

Cheryl Tonner

All That Jazz

Chris Cleevely

Cat Fever

Chris Salter

Pink Sisters

Christian Henning

Good Luck Charm

Christine Steindl

The Bop

Clive Stevens

Sunday Swing

Craig Bennett

Call me maybe

Just can't get enough

Poker Face

Cyndee Neel

Margarita Cha

Dan Geelen

6 8 12

Dancin' Terry

Baby ...Stand by me

Daniel Trepat

And get it on (& Jose Miguel)


Bumpy Ride

Heart Line Dance

It's your world

Knockin' on heaven's door (& Sarlemijn)

More than Friends

No Superman (& Bailey, Gronvold)

Hong Kong Jelly Wong

Daniel Whittaker

Chill Factor

Dream Lover

Well Swung

Darren Bailey


Cowboy Dreams

Good to be us

Johnny Got A Boom Boom

Lay Low

Samba Huh



Darren Mitchell Rollin with the Flow
Debbie Hogg Uptown Funk AB
Debbie Small Baby's got dancing feet
Dee Musk

Have you ever seen the rain

Little Red Book

Dee Soarens Swing your chains
Derek Robinson I saw Linda Yesterday
Dirk Leibing


Blue moon Party

DJ Dan Legend in my heart
Donna Laurin Little Rumba
Double Trouble Jailhouse Creole
Doug & Jackie Miranda

Just Dream

That Man

Dynamite Dot Pizziricco
Esmeralda v.d. Pool

Waka Waka 2010

Eva Richter


Evelyn Khinoo

Raise me up

Francien Sittrop

I won't give up

In God's Hands

Martini Moments

Not Fair

So Glamorous

Frank Trace

Duck Soup


Foxy Girl

Mamma Maria

Sag, Drag and Fall

Tell him That

Fred Buckley  Return To Sender
Fred Whitehouse Thankful
Gail Smith Pontoon
Gary Lafferty This & That
Gaye Teather

Blackpool by the sea

Go Cat Go

Geoffrey Rothwell Summer Fly
Giovanni Coenmans

I Still Believe

Glynn Holt

Crazy Postman

Guyton Mundy

Ain't Misbehavin'



Hazel Pace Gypsy Queen
Helen Conroy Noonan Bye Bye Mambo
Helen O'Maley Black Coffee
Henrik Gronvold C'est la vie
Iguchi Pink Shoelaces
Ira Weisburd

Crocodile Roll

Cumbia Semana


Shake a Tail Feather

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Jamal Sims Fake I.D.
Jan Brookfield Nothin's sweet about me
Jan Smith Blue Note
Jan Welsh

Mini Mariana

Jennifer Choo Sue Chin

4 Little Heels

Jessica Guu

Life could be a Dream (& Jenny Brown)

Jo & John Kinser

Rah-Rah Ooh La La (& Furnell)

Jo Thompson

Come Dance with me


Dog Gone Blues

Rose Garden

Tango Cha


John Offermanns My New Life
Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

Ai Se (& Verdonk)

B Boy Baby

Catch & Release

El Lado Oscure

Let's stay together

So just dance dance dance !

This is a mans World

You can't hurry Love

Joyce Nicholas A Lover's Concerto
Juliet Lam A Touch of Rumba
Julia Wetzel

Sit Still Look Pretty

Wanna be Contigo

Karl-Harry Winson

Million Dollar Dance

Save the Day

Shattered Dreams

Kate Sala

Black Horse

Blame it on the Girls

Cockadoodle (& Daan Geelen)

Don't Wake the Devil


Kings and Vagabonds


Rodeo Blues

Time 2 Fly

Upside Down

Kathie Brown EeeZee Boogie
Kathy Chang

It's not unusual

Under the Sun

Kathy Hunyadi Ghost Train
Kelli Haugen

Could I have this dance (& Dvorak)

Princess & Cowboy

Shoot me Stupid

Wanna Dance?

Kim Ray

Honey Pot

The Bomp

Kirsi-Marija Vinberg Someone must feel like a fool tonight
Lady in Black Reet Petite
Larry Bass

Askin' Questions

Bayou Dreams

Laura Bartolomei

Kite like Girl

Levi J Hubbard Quarter after One
Lorna Mursell Triple Mix
Lorraine Kurtela Yes Sir, That's my Baby
Maddison Glover Rocket to the Sun
Maggie Gallagher

2 of us

Bring on the good times

Carribbean Pearl

Dance of Love

Do It

Everybody's Someone


Got My Baby Back

Head in the sky

Irish Spirit

Jig it up

Just Add Moonlight

Just Let Me

Life without U

Love, Love, Love

Make it Up

Nancy Mulligan

On the Floor

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O

Rock Paper Scissors


T'morrow never knows

The Flute

The Galway Gathering

Treat her right

Until the End

Where I belong

Wild Love

You're the Reason

Margaret Swift

Feeling Kinda Lonely

Maria Maag

Mama Loo

Marie Sorensen

Cadillac Tears

Love, JoAnn

Marie-Theres Dorner

My Teardrops

Martie Papendorf

Chantilly Bop

Martin Ritchie

1000 Years


A Night Like this

Liquid Lunch

Masters in Line

6, 8, 12

Nu Flow

Matt Oakley

Higher (& LeeAnne)

Mavis Broom

Big Girls Boogie

Max Perry

Higher & Higher

Piece of a Dream

Melissa Geveling Lightning
Micaela Svensson

Hey Ho



Michael Barr Rain Against My window
Michaele Burton Go Greased Lightning
Miguel Menendez

Shakin' your head

Somewhere in my car

Tippy Tippy Toes

Two little words

Mona Arvidson Cowboy Man
Monika Mickein


Party Shaker

Mr. OD New Age
Neville Fitzgerald & J.Harris

Darling hold my hand

Half past nothin

Nicole Griehsler I Woulda
Niels Poulsen

Cha Cha with me

Don't disturb me

Hard to say it

Loving you

Mini Barrell

My Love

Sexy Night


Something in the Water

Such a Fool

Ticket to the Blues

Those Russians

Norman Gifford


Patricia Porcu

Cumbia Loca

Patricia Stott

Better Times (& Vikki Morris)

Fall in Love

Hugs & Kisses (& Lowry)

Side by Side

Skinny Genes

Patrick Hering

Cooler than me

Paul McAdam

Crazy Foot Mambo

First to let go


Peter Metelnick (& A. Biggs)

Disappearing Tail Lights

Dreams of Martina

Just can't wait


Peaches & Cream

Something in the air

Whispering your name

Pia Ketteridge

Don't look any further

Pierre Provencher

Cowboy Yoddle Song (& Louise Bohemier)

Pim van Grootel

Back in my World


Mi Rowsu

P & D Polka

Rock me Amadeus

Smooth Soldier

Uhh! (& Verdonk)

We no Speak Americano

Rachael McEnaney

Bang, Bang

Be My Baby Now (& St.Pierre)

Boys will be Boys

Everything I Do

Feeling Hot

Girls Crush

Hi-A-Ma Cha


Jazz it Up

Let's have a Party

Love me right

Make this day

Man in the Mirror

Purple Rain

Rhyme or Reason

Rock & Roll King

Runaround Sue

Stupid in Love


Walk of Life

Rafel Corbi

Sweet Maureen

Randy Pelletier

American Kids

Raymond Sarlemijn

Blame it on the boogie

Keep on going

Love Hurts

New Thang

Pump It

Stop staring at my eyes (& Poulsen)

Unchain my Heart


Wreck & Effect

Ria Vos

Big Blue Tree

Bittersweet Memory


Go Seven

Hey Boy

Human after all


Say Geronimo

Swing your Thing


Richard Palmer


Little Too High (& L. Dennis)

Rita Masur Ah Si
Rob Fowler



Love you Forever

Shades of Passion

Slipped & Fell

Ticket to Heaven

Waltz away

Robbie McGowan Hickie

All You Need


Cool Chick


Tell the world

Walking Backwards

Robert Hahn

Hush! Survive

Polka to you

Ron Welters

Hickory Lake

Rosie Multari

Marry You

Ross Brown

The Boat to Liverpool

Roy Hadisubroto


Someone that i used to know (& Bayley&Sarlemijn)

Whatever Happens

Roy Verdonk

Agua y Fuego (& Sarlemijn & Trepat)

Amor Mafioso (& Bos)

Angie (& Bos, Sarlemijn)

Babelonia (& W. Bos)

Be Happy Now

Bleeding Love

Blurred lines (& Bos)


Corazon Diamante (& Gallagher & O'Reilly)

Cruisin Cha

Joker's Waltz (& Neil Smith)

Night Changes

Old Flames (& Bos)

The Angels Cried

Three Beers to Mexico (& Jose)

Ryan Dobry Foot Boogie
Ryan King An apple a day
Sandra Speck The souper trouper
Scott Blevins


Coochei Bang Bang

Sebastien Bonnier


Shirley Blankenship

Kansas City

Simon Ward

All I can Say (& McEnaney)

All of me

Counting Stars

Stephen Rutter

Lipstick, Powder And Paint (& Claire Rutter)

Susanne Schalewa

Por un Beso (& Wollschläger)

Sue Ann Ehmann

It's gonna Rain

Sue Hutchison

And it goes like this

Tami Smith

Mambo 101

Tina & Ray Yeoman


Tina Argyle

After the Storm



Electric Slide

Cowboy Strut

Val Myers

Urban Living

Vikki Morris

Chica Boom Boom

My pretty Belinda

Will Craig People are crazy
William Brown 89
Willie Brown  Cecilia
 Yvonne Anderson  To be loved by you (& Dennis & Palmer)